Repetition to get it together. Can’t seem to do it. Same things over and over and over. Just want to move on … move out … control … yet called back again and again and again until I ask for help, receive it and finally move forward.

The lesson?

I don’t need to do any of it alone. I’m always helped. Always supported. Stop pushing and pulling. Leave it alone and watch how it unfolds without effort. Without struggle. Just slowly evolving into the next thing.

Life is a process that is forever in motion whether I understand it or not.

The human capacity to align with the Power of Life is the difference between living in heaven or living in hell. Both are simply states of consciousness.

Consciousness is the power to know … self knowing.

Spirit IS the power that knows itself.

There is only One Life and that life beats my heart as the Spirit of My Being. I am always ever only working with or against Her.

Divine Design.

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