Last week at this time, I witnessed my son cradle & carry our beloved dog, Dante, down two flights of stairs with tears streaming from his eyes. He’d just received a call from Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital. Results from the tests were in. Dante needed surgery immediately. My son advised me to say my goodbyes because it didn’t look good. We loaded our dog into the truck. And while my son was readying himself, I had a quiet moment with Dante. I looked him in the eye and told him if he needed to leave us, he was free to go. But if he wanted to stay, I’d do everything in my power to support his journey. It wasn’t until they drove away, that I could feel Dante’s desire to live. It took the absence of his physical body for me to connect with his spirit because I was so emotionally entangled with the love I have for this dog.

So, what was the first thing I did as my son and our dog drove away?

I prayed.

I will never in a million years underestimate the reassurance that that simple act brought me. To know that Spirit has my back holds me upright when I’d rather topple over.

I don’t pray to an external God in the Sky as humans have been taught to do. I pray to touch what is real within me and within all of Life. We must each meet every situation in our lives without fear. And that ain’t easy! But every issue in life must be met where it is and lifted into the truth of All That Is.

Immediately out of surgery, Dr. Hutchinson said there was a moment on the table when our dog’s blood pressure dropped and they thought they’d lost him. But he came back. Dr. Hutchinson said that Dante must be one tough dog because it’s remarkable he even made it to surgery in the first place. I expressed my profound gratitude for his expertise and told him that while he was doing his thing, I was doing my thing … I was in prayer. He said: “Keep praying.”

If you don’t know how to pray in this day and age then you’re in trouble. I mean that most sincerely. It’s a spiritual technology that every human needs to use.

12 hours post op the doc reported that our dog was doing “better than can be expected at this stage.”

16 hours post op the doc asked my son to come in and help out. Dante wasn’t having anyone touch him or feed him or help him. He was full of fear. Dr. Hutchinson said what our dog needed now was to know the sun was going to rise in the morning and he needed to eat. With infinite patience, my son was able to syringe-feed him. He stayed at the hospital for hours at a time to be by Dante’s side. His presence has always calmed this dog. And I remained at home in prayer.

72 hours later Dante was home!

Day 5 Dante lifted himself up onto the sofa bed where my son was camped out in the livingroom with him (stairs were an issue and our bedrooms are on the second floor) and cuddled up next to the love of his life.

Today is Day 9 and our dog barked last night, smiled this morning and I needed to slow him down as he descended the stairs in his eagerness to get outside.

Courage is life affirming life. To see life where life is waning. To call it out of itself and love it once again into fullness.

Dante had the will to live. Dr. Hutchinson had the skill to support him in his desire to live. My son had the courage to love this dog through the tough moments. I had the power to pray. Together we are an unstoppable force of Love-Light in service to All That Is.

Never underestimate the power of a loving community. Where we are, love is.

Thank you all for sending your love and prayers our way … together, we saved Dante!

In Truth & In Freedom,

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