Today I want to address the noble work many of you are undertaking in the intimacy of your own lives. You are learning that everything you have ever created will revisit you in times that feel like great change. And what you are willing and able to embrace is what changes the course of herstory.

By virtue of the fact that you are human, you will have to deal with stuff. For there is only One Mind and through your incarnation, you have the great privilege of travelling the theme of your life to bring light to the darkness in that Mind. You are, in truth, a transformer of energy. And when you understand this, you are able to hold yourself steady in the face of what can feel like old patterns re-emerging JUST when you thought you’d already done that work!

When another layer of that old stuff begins to surface, stand still and feel it. You are designed to transmute it through the awareness of your Divine Self. If you haven’t yet come to terms with the fact that you are a spiritual being capable of lifting into higher dimensions then you’ll continue to bang around in what bruises the you that you think you are.

You encounter the Dark Feminine every day because she lives in you. You meet her when you are worried about money, when you are jealous of other wo/men having or being or doing what you think is for you, when you rage at the lover who has triggered your wrath. There is fire in your soul and you’ve got to meet it in love otherwise your hostility will be a boomerang keeping your pain and agony alive. Until you can hold this tension so it transforms, you’ll be fueling the flames of it.

All of life is holy. Even the darkness. So when you are standing knee deep in human messiness, be still and remember who you are. Nothing in the moment is ever a mistake. Throw your arms around it and welcome the experience that you’ve drawn to yourself because there is something here for you to learn. In the learning, you are lifted.

Humans have been trained to deny the darkness. Much of our spiritual teachings talk about being in joy and following the joy and allowing the joy and joy, joy, joy to the extent that when you are facing the intensity of whatever is before you, you think something has gone wrong cause it doesn’t feel good! And frankly, that’s bullshit. When you can sit in the not-feeling-good with loving awareness, a miraculous thing can occur. You go deep and wide within yourself to discover a whole new expression of this joy and it exists in spite of whatever you are facing. THIS is the joy of your own soul. But if you are constantly walking around Earth School thinking you gotta feel good and deny what is knocking on your inner door, you’ll miss it or think it is supposed to be something that it is not.

I’ve been accused by many over the years of being too intense. And now is the time for me to say that if you’re not willing to get intense about your inner life then you will suffer. Period.

Ya can’t skip over the intensity of the life you’ve come to live. You can, however, walk through it and be lifted by it into something you’ll claim as the loveliest expression of who you came here to be.

Be not afraid. Fear is a liar. Truth is intense. And so very, very, very liberating!

Know that you are seriously alive under the coziness of a life you may have constructed to keep you safe from what you fear. And when that life erupts from the depths of your being by demonstrating what might feel like chaos and mayhem, trust Her. S/he will never lead you astray. Feel the fire. Walk through it. Bliss awaits.

In Love & In Freedom,



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