Many years ago I discovered a voice in women through our conversations. It was unearthed with the simple question: What would the wisdom in you do?

The answer to that question was never, “I don’t know.”

Without fail, there was always, each and every time, a clear knowing of what the wisdom in a woman was saying.

This realization sent me on a quest to discover why it was that a woman had wisdom and yet she rarely listened to it, trusted it or acted on it. And that’s when I met the force standing between a woman’s wisdom and the life choices she was making. I started calling this force the Patriarchal Daughter because even though I was aware of her, the women I talked to were not … until that is, I brought their attention to her. And THEN all hell broke loose!

I now relate with this archetypal force as an out-picturing of the Dark Feminine. And I firmly believe that until women can identify her within their own psychic fields, they are only flirting with transformation.

Deep is the work. Dark is the journey. But only because we are here to reclaim the light in the shadow. And knowing that the She of our wisdom is ever-present within us paves the way we have come here to walk. Nothing could be simpler. (I didn’t say it was easy.)

Don’t look outside of yourself for your life. It is right where you are. Go in. Dig. Feel. Rise.

In Love,



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