In my first book, I wrote about something I called my self-endangering innocence.

Being mother to my children and counsellor to many of you reading this, I have come to understand this force more deeply and how it plays out in a wo/man’s life.

If you’ve ever looked around your life and thought, “WTF how’d I get here?” and it feels like a somewhat dangerous situation then you probably have a purity of heart that nobody has told you is of great value in this world.

No matter the circumstance you’ve created, know there is something you’ve come to learn through it. You drew it in because your soul wants to unfold in relationship to it. And the very fact that you feel no fear and yet some kind of danger feels near — divorce, death, debt — is demonstrating that you are upleveling some past creation into a higher frequency.

When this happens, the only real danger is that you misread the situation you are in. Don’t tell yourself something has gone wrong because nothing has ever gone wrong no matter how wrong it all feels. Self-correction is like that. And many of us are self-correcting for other lifetimes that we have no conscious memory or connection to. It is simply the force of karma being burned off so new clarity may rise and the power of life can find full sway once again in all that is true and good and beautiful.

So you see the pitfall, yes?

The risk is that when the shit is hitting the fan in your life, you make it mean that you’ve failed and all is lost. But the truth is that all the fragments of your being are coming back into a new kind of order and the only way to do so is through the deconstruction of what was up until now.

The innocence serves to get us in the mess to begin with because if there was any distrust at all, the decision to walk into the relationship, the conversation, the marriage could not have been an affirmative one. And the cycle could not have completed itself.

When you trust the innocence of your own heart, you stand in a field of love. And that field of love will draw into it all manner of dark fragments that desire to be returned to the light.

This is the mission.

This is the purpose.

And if you ever believe there is even one hair of your life out of place then you are sadly mistaken. Because you are never alone, never lost and never left to chance by life. S/he has got you no matter what. Trust Her. And continue to love.

You are safe. And all is well.

In Love



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