This is a time of waiting. Can you feel it?

Waiting isn’t a passive thing. It is an active choice. And that’s the energy moving through us now. If you’re aligned to it, you surely can feel it. If you’re not aligned to it, then you may be working against yourself by pushing and pulling and trying to make things happen.

The only reason you’d do this is because you don’t know better … yet. You still think pain is a good way to learn. But Life will teach you.

Currently there are five planets retrograde in the heavens. That energy internalizes as a Big Pause within you. And you might feel frustrated because you wanna get shit done! But the stuff that is coming up for you is actually rising to be transmuted through you because you can no longer afford to carry it around as a burden of unfinished business. Don’t make the mistake of attaching to it and thinking you’ve got to “do” something with it — gotta talk, gotta tell, gotta go — no! Sit still. Feel. That backlog of old issues doesn’t need your action. It needs your awareness and release.

This whole summer (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) is about preparation for glorious and wondrous change as a new cycle begins in the autumn. So do your inner work and get ready for the good that is on its way to you.

There are also three eclipses in the heavens about to begin and this is y/our opportunity to plant seeds for the upcoming change. How good can you stand your life to be? How big can you let yourself live? How great can you imagine your service to humanity? You will only receive what you are ready to hold. That’s why you’ve gotta let old baggage go.

Get down into yourself. Clean up your inner sanctum. Sit with Great Silence. Cultivate inner flexibility. Trust not knowing. Practice full faith. Free yourself from fear once and for all!

You are protected by the only Power there is & you are living in the only Presence there is. You’ve got to participate in its unfolding expression as you.


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