Q: Can you share any thoughts/insights about the notion of the "Persona" and how we adopt one over the course of our journeys? Complications, how to let it go, what the lessons are?

A: Thank you for such a great question! This is juicy stuff and I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to understand this more deeply. I’m gonna call it your personality rather than your persona.

First, a few definitions:

Consciousness = Infinite Love-Intelligence governing life, God-Goddess Stuff, the All That IS, Grand Story

Soul = the aspect of self that lives continuously, through many incarnations, learning along the way, different storylines, different chapters, all in the Grand Story

Divine Self = the divine spark that realizes itself through the soul and manifests as the who and the what that you are … it is eternal and it is the truth of every being

Human Purpose = to realize the truth of the soul’s divinity and anchor here in Earth School

Higher Self = the aspect of self that counsels you here in Earth School

Much of the work I do with people is about initiating you into the fact that you are a soul who has incarnated to live a storyline of the Grand Story, and every encounter is the opportunity to wake up to the divinity you carry. Through our conversations, you hear your Higher Self more clearly.

When you arrive here in Earth School, you come with a soul contract to live in a certain consciousness. That is, a part of the Grand Story that is already a stream of reality or a storyline because your ancestors have created it. The aim is to NOT GET LOST IN THE STORY to then only awaken as you land on your death bed ready to check out of the great adventure!

You are here to LIVE the story that you agreed to participate in, and grow the story forward in positive motion. But you’ve got to get through the inherited storyline first before you can evolve your character. You’ve got to know what you were born into, what you want to perpetuate, what you want to course-correct, what you want to dissolve forever because it no longer serves anyone or anything.

And that’s where the idea of your personality comes in.

Your personality is composed of the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel — the nitty gritty of your consciousness. As you begin to see through the stuff you are born into, you get to remember that divine spark in your soul. And in that divine spark is loaded and coded the gift of whatever it is you are here to give in order to expand the Grand Story.

You are not here in Earth School to get anything. You are here in Earth School to let your divine gifts freely express in service to the All That IS.

Unfortunately, so much of what humans have generated has been based on lies. What are the lies? That you need to conform. That you need to compete. That you need to find your power out there somewhere in the world.

Lies! Lies! Lies!

You are here to be uniquely you. You are here to create. Your power is in your soul.

What are you tools?


Words are your tools in the form of the thoughts you think, the ideas you speak, and the language you express as you. The power in your words comes from the consciousness that you live in.

So if you get stuck in the consciousness that you are born into then you speak that language, and create more of that stream of reality. However, you have the right to lift yourself into a higher version of what you are born into by learning the lies and speaking the truth. This is how you change your personal reality.

Live the experience. Learn the lesson. Mine the wisdom. Carry it forward. Be and do what you came here to be and do. Your inner world is everything. It is what generates your external reality. When you go deep enough into yourself, you will discover the divinity that you came here with.

When clients tell me that they don’t have time to meditate or show up for their spiritual practice, what they’re really saying is that they are lost in the world of effects created by all the other beings here in Earth School, and they don’t know where their real power is … yet.

How long will it take? Are you gonna go all the way this lifetime? Or come back for a few more chapters of the Grand Story?

Ultimately, it’s your choice. But can you handle having the power to choose?

How you think and what you feel — your personality — generates the personal reality you live in. Yes, you inherited it. And yes, you have the power to change it. To do so demands you walk your walk in Earth School, turn inward to explore your soul, and reunite the divinity within you with the Infinite Love-Intelligence governing all of life. You bring things back to balance through your own nature.


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