It baffles me that wo/men aren’t ready to realize the truth of their being.

What is the truth?

Nobody has your power!

If nobody has your power, then what is there to fight for?


And the only way to give yourself the experience of this is to stand in your life, just as it is, and meet whatever comes without giving yourself away. Know your worth. Claim your authority.

You will need to face whatever fear is in you. And you will need to let everyone else be who they choose to be.

When you are empty of fear, you will know you are free.

It is always about freeing yourself from within yourself.

So whatever you are facing, whatever has got your attention, is an opportunity to learn. Otherwise you would not encounter it. It’s never about changing the person, circumstance or thing. It’s about changing your relationship to the person, circumstance or thing. And that is in your full control to shift.

Stop believing that your power is out there in the world. Just stop it!

In truth, you are already free, worthy and powerful. Claim the truth! And get to know the you that is here to express freedom, worthiness & the only real power there is — love!

It’s all in you.


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