Here’s what I wish somebody would’ve told me when I was a teenager.

The problems you face are not external, they are internal. You’ve inherited them. And you’ve chosen to come to Earth School to do your part to transform and transcend these problems. This is the way you evolve your human family forward. Your life matters. And you are on a mission.

You are here to sort yourself out internally, and you will use your external experience to see what is within you until you get so clear within yourself that you realize there really are no “others” — that all of life is emanating from One Source.

Everything in your life is a function of your own energy. You are a powerful creator. So don’t blame others, and don’t shame yourself. Learn to use your power for good.

Learn to say, “I created this, which means I can un-create this.”

Everything you encounter is for the purpose of learning. And if it is in your life, then you have something to learn through it. Learn the lesson, transform beyond it, and move on. This is how you grow.

If you hold onto pain that happens along the way, you’ll have emotional blocks. And if you don’t clear these blocks, then they’ll become something in your physical body, or in the body of your affairs, that will force you to face your creations. All in service to your learning to be a better creator.

An emotional block creates a mental blind spot. And the only way to clear the block is to FEEL what needs to be felt. You cannot think your way to clarity. Emotion is energy that wants to move. This is the feminine side of life. And life is both masculine and feminine.

Now the Earth School you were born into has denied the feminine for many centuries. So she went underground. What humans repress (unconsciously deny) or suppress (consciously inhibit) doesn’t die. It may get buried, but it is buried alive. Which means the creative power of the energy finds other ways to express. Because it must, and it will move.

So the feminine is rising within humanity now. She comes to restore balance for all beings. And it is the masculine energy that must be prepared to let her.

This dance of the masculine and the feminine happens within us, and is reflected back to us through the world we create together. So whether you are a man or a woman matters not because this force of life reckoning with what humans have created knows no gender.

You can’t be human and NOT FEEL without doing damage to yourself and to others.

Feeling what needs to be felt, even and especially when it is hard, is the way to clear your way back to the seed of Source that is within you.

Life is actually a feeling journey. And it is the purpose of your being. When you can feel through all of your creations, then you not only heal yourself, but you heal all your ancestors and descendants because what they lived, lives in you. And THAT is REAL power!


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