Earth School is an adventure in story, mask and creation.

When you incarnate, you don a mask. You are born into an imprinted field of energy replete with collective agreements about who you should be, how you should be, and what you should be. Your mission as a human being, should you choose to accept it, is to learn the story you are born into, accept it, and then become a conscious creator in the evolving of it forward.

To do so, you must remember the power of who you truly are. But much of historical record has deliberately destroyed the systems and the knowledge that would allow you to know who you are, what you are, and how you serve. Until now.

We are living during a time when we can access lost knowledge and rewrite, retell, and reveal it for the empowerment of all.

Halloween originates in the ancient truths and science of mysticism (oh yes it does). Our distant foremothers and forefathers knew what it meant to put on a mask and become the wisdom of the owl, the living essence of the tree, or the seeing view of the bird. The sacred practice of tuning into the potential of that mask became a secreted practice through the ages because the knowledge was a threat to those in power — namely ‘the Church’ — and those who wanted humans to believe we are not powerful beings. So now it’s this ridiculous event of feeding kids with poison we call candy, and scaring the hell out of children, pets, and nature with noise and all things spooky.

In reclaiming the original wisdom of this holy-day, let us see clearly the masks we wear in our everyday lives. Have we outgrown any of them? What mask would we like to try on? Who would we like to become?

The possibilities are infinite!

Happy Holy Eve!


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