At every crossroads in my life, I knew what I needed to do.

I didn’t know how I was going to do it. But I knew I needed to trust the part of me who knew. And I knew if I didn’t heed my knowing, then I wouldn’t much like the outcome.

Many of you are undergoing intense passages now. What you most need to understand is that every seeming crisis is actually life drawing you within yourself, so you might realize the power you can source to smooth things out. It is a power that comes from a deeper well. You won’t find it in the world you’ve created. You must look for it within.

Our society has become a spiritual marketplace that is mostly full of nonsense. And it feeds on your belief that you are a victim. You are not! Whatever you are encountering, you’ve had a hand in creating. That’s how much power you have! But you can learn to manage your power differently in order to generate more pleasant, pleasing, life-affirming outcomes.

I’ve said it, written it, talked it a thousand times to anyone asking and willing to listen — as within, so without.

Whatever you are facing is a demonstration of what is going on in your inner world.

That inner world of yours is so full of richness — mystery and magic — that you really want to explore it! And yes, there’s some housekeeping to clean up in there first in order to discover the vast goodness that is you. But it’s only because you have picked up limiting beliefs from the family, society, culture you were born into — energetic agreements that don’t always serve life, and mostly lie to you.

There is a purpose to our ignorance, and naiveté. It sets us out on the course of our life. We make what feel like mistakes. Judge them not. Accept what you create, un-create it, and re-create something better. Because it is only our life experience that will teach us to align with our greater power.

Experience + Alignment = Wisdom

Do not fear your life. Meet the challenges. Ask for help from within yourself, and expect to receive guidance.

And a note to you mothers … let your children find their own way. Your only job is to provide the loving environment through which they feel loved, and supported. They’ve arrived in your arms loaded and coded with everything they need to make their lives. And you must protect their innocence. Then whatever is within them, will begin to flow out into the world. Listen to your children. They will teach you to listen better to yourself.


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