I am not going to give you the science of stress. You already know it. It kills life.

I AM going to remind you that stress is perceptual.

Perception is determined by the story you are telling yourself. And the story you are telling yourself, generates your experience.

All the power there is, is right where you are.

So if you’re stressed because of the holiday mayhem that humans are addicted to creating this time of year, then here’s your permission slip to make a different choice, tell a different story, and change your experience.

Stop pretending you’re powerless!

Anything that you see in your life is with you because you are in energetic accord with it. You vibe like it vibes. And you’ve agreed to dance with it.

Much of it, you’ve inherited from family, society, culture … it’s history! And you are actually here to create things in YOUR way. That means you can keep what’s working, and upgrade what isn’t.

One hundred percent of your creative power flows into whatever you focus on, so you best become aware of those agreements that generate stress for you. The stress is an indicator that you’re working against yourself.

What would feel better? What do you prefer? Believe you can have it, and then it becomes possible.

You don’t need to tolerate what you no longer want. There are no Holiday Police who are going to raid your home because you haven’t lived up to whatever you were taught to believe! You are free!

Can you manage your own freedom? Are you willing to break all the agreements that cause you to suffer? Can you stop complaining about the things you think are causing your stress?

This time of year for me is about delving deep into the darkness to discover what is mine to create. Nature herself is resting while the seeds of new life are being calibrated within her womb. We humans need to be in harmony with Her. It is OUR nature, too.

Let us settle down, listen deep, feel the creative impulse, and bring forth what is ours to give for the Good of All. Life has given us everything! We are blessed, and we are the blessing.

Say thank you, and proceed fearlessly.

Blessed Be


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