I never wanted to be a psycho-spiritual counsellor. But people have been coming to me for counsel since I was very young.

I never wanted to be a mother, either. I feared how vulnerable it would make me. But when my sons announced themselves, an aspect of me was wise enough to welcome them.

I always wanted to be a writer. And I wanted everything else to leave me alone so I could write!

From where I stand now, I can see that the privilege of counselling souls, and mothering children has shaped me into the one who has stories to tell. Finally, I’ve entered the season of writing.

My experience has taught me that when I go against myself by wanting things to be different than they are, I am actually fighting my own potential. Because there’s a part of me who knows precisely what she is up to. And she draws into my life every conversation, every action, every event that I need in order to learn who I am, and what I have to give.

So the counsellor has had an up close and personal encounter with hundreds of wo/men, and through this deepest of privileges, I’ve been given an understanding of the human soul. And the mother in me has had to grow the girl into a wo/man worthy of mothering what life has entrusted to her. These two forces in my psyche inform and inspire the writer.

Turns out that this perfectly orchestrated trajectory called My Life only needed me to say yes to the soulful encounters I have been drawn into. Every man I have ever loved and left, every event that left me feeling like my world had collapsed, every moment that filled my heart with an indescribable joy — all of it was mine for the experience of it.

Hear me when I say that life is fundamentally good, and nothing has every gone so wrong that it cannot be corrected.

All is holy. Every bit of my life and yours is sacred. So let us rise into the amplitude of gratitude, and welcome even the uncomfortable, even the hard, even the not knowing what comes next. It’s the way we unwrap the gift of ourselves.

Thank you each and every one for being with me, and letting me into your inner realms; for reading anything I’ve ever written; for listening to anything that has ever been spoken through me; for trusting me with your loving presence. Without you, I’d not know who I am.

I am Counsellor to all who ask, Mother to many who have come & Writer of stories that now want to be told through me in sacred service.

For every time, there really is a season. Bow to the season you are currently in, and embrace what you have been given. Live it. Love it. And let it be.


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