Q: I can feel with all of my Being that I am meant to be of great service to humanity as a light worker, yet I have been feeling the frustration of not being clear about the form in which this is to manifest.

Giving myself permission to wait and clear the old, feels good while trusting that all will unfold in divine timing.

My body is stiff and sore, especially my right side (hip and RT rotator cuff) and I’ve been overeating and feeling like an old woman at the age of 49. I’m in the process of figuring out what this signifies.

A: Whether we know it or not, every human being is a light worker. Because that’s what we are. Light. Frequency. Vibration. And we are each here to walk the contract we agreed to prior to incarnation.

When you see the divine in everybody and in everything, then you are working the light. Until you are willing and able to do this, you use other beings as mirrors through which you see parts of yourself that you’re holding in darkness, or in light.

YOU are the form through which your service manifests. The amplitude of your light is the expression of the divinity in you. How much light can you hold? The Divine speaks as, and in truth. So how much truth can you carry?

You are here to realize who you are in love. Overeating and feeling like an old woman are not acts of love. So what’s going on there? Dig in. Ask. Listen. There’s a thread of emotion you follow to get into the truth.

I work with emotion as subtext of limited perception, and energy that needs to move into the light. It will lead you to reveal the limiting beliefs that are operating in your psychic field. When you are aware of the limiting beliefs, you can transmute the energy of those limits into truth. As you FEEL the truth — and human beings are calibrated to resonate with truth — the quality of your soul will instruct, and guide you deeper into devotion for your own life.

The degree to which you can hold truth is the degree to which you will have peace of mind.

“An old woman” is judgment and opinion. “Overeating” is pain and imbalance. Sensation in your hip is fear of moving forward. All that said, there is never ONE cause to any creation. You are complex. And it is up to you to get to know yourself, and bring all aspect of yourself into the light of your own being. THAT’s what it really means to be a light worker.

It means stop living in fear. Judgment, pain, and imbalance are all driven by fear.

Even fear is an aspect of the light. But as my wise brother says, fear fears itself! So its doesn’t know that it is of the light, but you have the power to SEE the truth of it. Otherwise, agreeing to fear is a choice, and you can choose to learn through fear. Or you can stretch into another amplitude of light by seeing if for what it is, transmute and transcend it into another way of knowing yourself.

A good question to explore might be: What do I employ to resist, deflect and reject the truth of what my life is teaching me?

There is great wisdom in you: “Giving myself permission to wait and clear the old, feels good while trusting that all will unfold in divine timing.” Absolutely! This is the ONLY way forward.


Because it’s where you are. And feeling as though you need to be somewhere other than where you are — of great service as a light worker — is a small self notion about identity. It keeps you small and seeking. But what you seek is who you are already.


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