Your existence is a prayer in the life of humanity.

Everything you will ever need has already been given to you. It is your mission to unwind yourself through whatever experience you’ve been gifted and realize the truth of your being.

To do so you must take full and unequivocal responsibility for the life you’ve created. There is a story living you. There are no mistakes. You are where you are and it cannot be otherwise until you wake up out of victimization — which is a theme here in Earth School — and claim what is yours to claim.

How will you know?

It will be whatever is before you. It’s not anywhere else.

It’s in your child, in your mothering, in your spouse, in your marriage, in your work however humble it may be. It is right where you are and being expressed through you, as you. It is your word — the word that you are.

Until you know the word that you are, every being in your life is a teacher. Humble yourself to listen more deeply to what is before you. Ask it what it is, and be willing to meet it where it wants to take you. You will not be mislead when you learn to trust the very essence of your life.

Along with every living thing, you carry the signature of the Divine. Life is holy!

Awareness is like the ocean. And all your thoughts, beliefs, and stories are waves upon its surface. Have fun in whatever story you are living, and let it live you to the best and brightest you can be. AND remember the awareness from whence we all come.

You are but one word in the story of humanity. Speak it, write it, act it out in the highest and best possible way for the whole story of who we are together.

That’s all you need to do. And it’s everything.


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