When you face whatever fear has created in your life, know that the fear is facing YOU, and you are more powerful than you have yet to realize. And whatever situation you find yourself in, is on purpose to prove to you the truth.

You are here to see yourself through your choices. And in the seeing, learn the truth of your being. When you align with the who of who you really are, everything may seem to be the same in your life, but your experience of it will shift.

Begin with learning to value everything that is your life. Because none of it is a mistake. It’s carefully and consistently called to you for the occasion of your learning.

When you stand in reverence for your life, you’ll come to realize that every relationship serves as a mirror to some aspect of yourself that wants to be loved. And love is not a feeling. Love does not live in your emotional body. Love is a field of truth and only the mighty of heart may hold its frequency.

So you are being called to the level of truth that you are willing and able to align with and express as.

See the truth. Say the truth. Hear the truth. And you will rise in love — true love. Then let Life take care of the rest.


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