Build a life you love and you’ll never need a vacation to get away. Instead, you’ll travel and learn every day everywhere you are.

You are not here to be enslaved by other people’s ideas — including your mother’s notions — of work, money, or marriage. You are here to find your own way and travel your own road. So, learn to hear yourself from the depths within you. Every time you have courage enough to heed your own guidance, you’ll build trust with yourself which is the ultimate goal — to know yourself.

Every aspect of knowing yourself will demand that you love who you are — even and especially the parts you’d rather not see, and possibly hide from others. Bring those bits into the light of your own love. Because you must never expect others to love you in the ways you are unable or unwilling to love yourself.

It is the Highest Calling to accept all that you are. And when you overcome yourself and learn to love all you’ve been given from within and from without, only then will you be in receivership of True Power. It’s the kind of power that makes loving everyone and everything easy, and inevitable.

In this loving power, you will come to know you are the creator of your life, and life is the greatest and most supreme gift of your being.

You are here to learn.

You are fully empowered.

You are the light that illumines all the world.

Grow in love then shine it for all.

In Love,


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