Many of you are mothers with small children. And the Dark Feminine is being activated through your mothering. It’s causing you distress.


You’ve got to realize you’re not the first wo/men to be horrified by the things you hear coming from your mouth, or the actions you find yourself taking without forethought in relationship to your offspring. Your children are actually here to wake you up to the program that would have you stay unconscious in your parenting.

Use the opportunity!

When you’re a mother, you have the privilege of loving “in particular” rather than generally. That is, you have a direct line of focus calling you out of yourself. And if you don’t want to spend your time trying to control your child then you’re going to need to slow everything down, and really see what is before you.

Motherhood is a deep initiation into real power. And you’ve got to be strong enough to be the vessel through which it may pour forth in service to new life.

Your child is not yours to mold by the ideas you harbour about who you want them to be. Your child is your call to grow and to serve. And because you’ve been trained in Patriarchy rather than in truth, you’ve got ideas about parenting that need to be updated.

Patriarchy is the system of power that all humans have colluded to create over the last 6,000 years and it’s generated imbalance in the human condition, to say the least. Now we are living bridges into the next Golden Age for humanity, and our responsibility is to uproot the old program from our psyche to rewrite our way into new potential for all beings.

IN TRUTH, “discipline” is manipulation, yelling is violence, punishment is control. Welcome to the Dark Feminine in the human psyche! If you think this is parenting then you’ve got a tough road ahead.

When a child isn’t loved into her own unique expression, s/he works hard to fit, to belong, to meet approval in order to exist which creates a world of lost children looking for love because they have not experienced love, and they don’t realize they are capable of loving.

If your child doesn’t fit into the current school system then be grateful and curious. Haven’t you noticed? MANY institutions in Earth School are crumbling because they’re not built on truth. What is not built on truth cannot sustain the new frequency of spirit we now live in. Don’t force ANYTHING on your child. Listen to them and learn from them what is required because it is meant to come THROUGH YOU for them.

And for heaven’s sake, if you need to choose between mothering your child and mothering your spouse who is acting from his/her own inner Wounded Child, choose the child. At this stage in the game, adults must learn to parent their own wounded selves, and stop pulling what they need from human mothers who have real mothering to show up for. Patriarchy has taught you to pay more attention to your marriage than your mothering, and it’s NOT going to serve you well. The power Patriarchy gives you when you adhere to its edicts is pseudo-power … it’s false! The power Life bestows upon you when you abide in the truth of caring for what S/he has entrusted you with will serve ALL beings (including your spouse) because it is REAL POWER. And YOU will benefit in ways you cannot yet imagine … magnificence awaits you!

The Patriarchal parenting ego needs to be deconstructed from within us. And the children coming through humanity at this time are the mirrors through which we are gifted to see what needs to die so we may commune in love with all beings.

The part of you that will be inconvenienced with this message needs to sit down and shut up. Then you may listen to your conscience and tune into the tasks at hand. You chose to be mother. Now wake up to the privilege and the possibility of your Grand Role!


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