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Words are portals of grace; stories, beings with soul.

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Three Marriages: lies I’ve lived by

This is a memoir, the story of a woman’s wayward search for love, in which a widow, traumatized by the death of her young husband, risks her life and the lives of her sons when she ignores the wisdom of her own soul. Her troubled odyssey leads her to the Middle East, a Sharia court and ultimately, into the bed of an influential Arab. What she learns about the human condition, and the illusions we live by, will awaken that which lies dormant in most women—a sense of the untapped power and privilege of what it means to be female.

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Sample Chapter

“She glanced over her shoulder one last time while she moved through the front door. She couldn’t be certain, but she felt this moment may be her final leaving from this place, this home, this marriage.” Read more . . .


New Work

I’m now writing a continuation of the story as told in my first book, Three Marriages: lies I’ve lived by. My working title is Command Thy Love: graces I know. But I never really know what I’m writing until I’ve written so who really knows?! The first book taught me what I needed to know to write it and I’m expecting and experiencing the same process in my current project.

I consider myself to be an autoethnographer. For me, writing is research. I intentionally explore my inner landscape while connecting what I discover with larger social forces. I use emotional recall in a reflexive way which means I practice a bidirectional relationship with how I am feeling. It can be messy at times! And painful. Because it’s not easy to face the psychic free radicals in my own lived experience. But through the process, I uplift my own consciousness, and experience how I really am the creator of my own reality.

One of my authorial heroes is Kenneth Harvey. He breaks trail for writers like me. He was the first to transcompose passages of non-fiction with fiction and combine actual people with fictional characters. In the writing of my books, I sometimes use text, word-for-word, from my journals and poetry alongside quotes or passages from other artists. I write multi-vocal text which allows me to get closer to the emotional truth of the story. For me, a story is a mirror as I write it and a mirror for you as you read it. I want to capture and express the way I actually see in my mind’s eye and feel free to take risks. So the transcomposite narrative is neither a work of invention or a historical document. It is simply and elegantly a transcomposite narrative inspired by honest curiosity to gather cosmic stuff and let my world awake!


I was born and raised in Saskatchewan but I fell in love with the West Coast of Canada and it’s been my home for more than two decades. My love of writing has always caused me to believe I would tell stories and make books. What I didn’t foresee in my life was the privilege bestowed upon me as a Counsellor — hundreds of women have entrusted me with the intimate stories of their lives. It is rich territory for a Storyteller to travel and quite naturally feeds the soulful impulse to write.

Through a lifetime of learning to love and trust myself, I am now devoted to empowering women to re-member who we really are — wisdom, power and love in action. As we awake to co-create intimate relationship with the Divine Feminine, we un-earth the truth that all power is Divine, flows from within and wants to be mobilized in our lives. Personal empowerment is the natural result when we align with the Divine and harness our real power. Then all of life rejoices in the creative blessings and innate compassion of Woman as a Mighty Being in all her radiance!



We have the right and the responsibility to lift ourselves and each other with the strength, beauty and diversity of our vibrational voices.


In the beginning is always the word. We are the stories we tell to ourselves and to others. Using the power of story, it is possible to birth new consciousness.


Creativity is a grace. Imagination, intuition and inspiration are her handmaidens. The evolutionary movement of consciousness demands we tune in and transform ourselves and our world.

The Divine Feminine

She emerges within the human psyche of men and women. And NOW is Her time. The Divine Feminine is the balancing force in union with the Sacred Masculine.

This fierce yet subtle force penetrates every aspect of my life, but in particular, my writing. I sense Her presence as the Wild-Wise Woman within me. I hear my inner guidance through Her voice. She teaches me to trust my intuitive insights and natural abilities. With Her, I know how to survive and thrive in the Wilderness of Earth School. It is through my feelings that I sense my connection to Her. I see with Her inner Wild Eye. I am gifted with Her Sense of Direction. When I am aligned with the Divine Feminine, I walk in a field of grace. I am Her. She is me. We are one.

My holy-wholly effort as Storyteller is to create an emotional field within the pages of a book to uplift and inspire readers.

Clarriss Pinkola Estes in her book Untie the Strong Woman

“So too with memory of Holy Mother. The old ways and goodnesses knock to be let in, and then can be brought through us, and we can then seek to put them to work in new ways in our own time.

Whatever good we are seeking is also seeking us. Any good we have ever known in our family of humankind, will find us again. The psyche is a universe unto itself in which nothing good is ever truly lost. Any lost or missing part to the Holy, we will dream again. We will ever dream the Holy anew.”

Marion Woodman in her book Dancing in the Flames

“The evolution of the soul/body to a state where it can become the chalice, the Holy Grail, that can allow Spirit, the creative masculine, within or without, to give creative expression to the world seems to be one of the particular concerns of the Black Goddess, at this point in our history. Without our recognition of the sweetness and sadness, rage and hope in our bodies, and our honouring of our limitations as human bodies, we have no way of experiencing our compassion for one another. The wisdom of the Goddess manifests in the love we feel rather than in what we think.”

White Eagle on Divine Mother, the Feminine, and the Mysteries

“Let us try to conceive first the great and radiant Light which is all intelligence, all life, all power; and then, conjoined with this Light, the other aspect, the Mother.

In the one, there are the two. There are schools of thought which do not care for the idea of a dual soul; they feel that each soul should be entirely independent, either a male or female, or else the one soul without gender. For you to come into harmony with the scheme of life, however, it is necessary that you perceive the two in one, or both aspects which complete the one soul.”

Magdalen’s story of love and great loss will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end, and leave you with a better understanding of how hard and rewarding it is to pay attention to our own experiences and thereby learn some of life’s biggest lessons.

Alexandra Bain


This book is soooo captivating! I just loved it! It is a great inspiration for women to trust their inner truth and intuition. We can change our lives and our world if we would only understand that the cultural rules that were made can also be remade.

Marielle Croft


This book has the capacity to illuminate our own paths and subtexts if we are willing to pay attention, and to allow it…there is so much deep, substantial, hard won wisdom contained in these pages, and in addition, it’s just a fantastically compelling story, and so brilliantly written…I simply devoured it!

Ellen Talney


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