Yesterday I saw my chiropractor for discomfort in my shoulders, particularly my right shoulder (masculine side of the body), and my neck. Now, my body is my laboratory. I use it’s language to understand where I’m unconscious. So, the first thing I acknowledge is that my neck represents my ability to “see what’s behind me” and my capacity for flexibility in all manner of my experience. My shoulders demonstrate to me how happy I am carrying my own life. Do I feel burdened? Am I allowing my life experience to be joyful and loving?

Decoding my body’s language, feeling what moves through me, understanding the larger narratives I was born into and doing the work of writer is what allows me to “know thyself.” These elements belong to my willingness and ability to let the Power of Creation have my life so S/he may express as me and become more me. This is why I came to Earth School … to Build Life.

I know that following body work — be it chiropractic or acupuncture — my dreamworld will speak to me in ways that will deepen my understanding. So, my journal and fountain pen sit ready on my bedside table. Revelation and Inspiration are my companions most mornings.

In the early waking hours of this particular morning after seeing Dr Wazy, there is anger — actually it feels more like rage — spilling out of my mouth and into the face of a man in my dream. My voice reverberates from the deepest place in me and blows open the walls of his mindlessness.

Before I continue with my story, I want to say this: When reading further, DO NOT take the concepts literally … see them symbolically. For every man I have loved has been a portion of the masculine energy within me. These understandings are not gender-based. Nor are they accusations aimed at any particular man. These understandings are based on the exquisite knowledge that every human being is composed of what we can call masculine and feminine energies. It is the play of these energies that outpictures as life’s dance. Patriarchy has been a dance of power that is dominated by the masculine while colluding with men and women.

That said, in dreamworld I’m confronted by a man to explain the low earnings of my business. The rage in me erupts and I face him with his misunderstanding of how Life really operates through us. I charge him with his ineptness to grasp how Life Is Built. And I explain that S/he builds THROUGH us. When sufficient flow is achieved — flow of right thinking in alignment with the All That Is — then prosperity follows. It cannot NOT create itself through us without generating abundance. But here he sits like a sloth to my slave expecting me to take care of him AND earn the big bucks. I am incensed by his disrespect for Life and what S/he requires from each of us. That I, as Daughter of the Patriarchy, have been expected to build the very structures that hold human life together so that we may move from survival into creation has been colossally unfair. And now, it is time for this man to grow himself up or perish forever. To do so, it must be seen that I am a Wisdom Carrier. And the wisdom has been carried by me so collectively we might rise together. A new order is upon us. A new balance is being born. And I hold the key to its perfect expression and unfoldment.

I awake from this dream laughing with my inner voice posing this question: Did he really think I’d choose his sloth over my creativity — the Divine activity of my own soul?!

Then I remember my favourite Margaret Laurence quote: “Never mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance and my kindness for weakness.”

Blessed Be

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