What People Say

She has shown me myself. Our process together has changed my life. Having Magi as my coach is like hav­ing my very own per­sonal Oprah-Chopra look­ing after my best inter­est. She shines light on the dig­nity and grace of my shad­ows …  It’s the feel­ing of hav­ing love put its hand on my shoul­der.

Gregory Mills
, Artist & Entreprenuer

What I thought I was going to be doing in coun­selling (before I started), and how I thought we would be approach­ing it, and how I would be feel­ing about myself through it all … I was so off in my expec­ta­tions, but then again I never could have con­ceived of this before I started this process. My entire self-perception is so com­pletely altered, in the best pos­si­ble way … it’s just com­pletely turned on its ear.

Ellen Talney, Artist

We’ve had some great con­ver­sa­tions about real­iz­ing my cre­ativ­ity, step­ping more fully into my vision & insight, and tap­ping into self-trust. Magi has helped me feel more con­fi­dent about lis­ten­ing to my inner voice.

Tim Whipple, VP of Service Operations

Magdalen was the per­son who reviewed my final draft and gave me the con­fi­dence to hit the send but­ton to the pub­lisher. Her obser­va­tions were gifts of heart, depth, and writ­ing savvy that revealed my authen­tic voice. I am grate­ful, and my read­ers feel con­nected to their own sto­ries through mine.

Carollyne Conlinn, MBA, MPH, MCC Associate Faculty, Royal Roads University, CEC

Finding a valu­able writ­ing coach and edi­tor is akin to dis­cov­er­ing an inner philoso­pher who asks ques­tions, guides a deep­en­ing inquiry into your thoughts and lis­tens to your voice. Magdalen is the kind of writ­ing coach and edi­tor who gets ‘under the cov­ers’ of your work and doesn’t stop until there’s clar­ity and alive­ness in your writ­ing.

Paulette Sun Davis, Co-founder & President of Illuminations

Magdalen has the extra­or­di­nary abil­ity to refine, reframe and reshape my writ­ing (and my think­ing) in a way that deep­ens and authen­ti­cates my work, and gives my char­ac­ters a richer, realer, rounder dimen­sion.

Claude Adams, Journalist

I have devel­oped an appetite for what Magdalen has to say and feel that if I were a writer, I would want to write as she does … fresh and poetic and funny and sear­ing and grounded in some­thing that feels very real/flesh/female.

Nan Weed, Artist

Challenging and joy­ful … I’d rec­om­mend her to any­one who yearns to give voice to that per­sonal story that calls to be told.

Karen Gallant
, Art for the Heart Creativity Coaching

She has estab­lished her voice in the telling of Herstory … and is able to apply crit­i­cal, qual­i­ta­tive research skills to her top­ics.

Dr. Michael Real, Professor
, School of Communication & Culture, 
Royal Roads University

Magdalen trans­forms con­cepts into story, dia­logue, and soul­ful reflec­tion. I believe she has a great gift to offer, par­tic­u­larly in telling women’s unique sto­ries, but also in writ­ing to the uni­ver­sal in us all.

Jan L. Fisher, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor

Through her writ­ing and autoethno­graphic sto­ry­telling, she shares her own chal­lenges, obsta­cles, and suc­cesses while encour­ag­ing oth­ers to do the same.

Gary Green
, Photojournalist & Multimedia Presenter

She holds noth­ing back that needs say­ing to see more clearly, under­stand dif­fer­ently, pro­ceed with greater con­fidence.

Amanda Le Rougetel
, Writer & Editor @ Clear Thinking ink

As a stu­dent of her coach­ing, I’ve become aware of my poten­tial and I’m learn­ing to value who I am being in my life and in my work.

Anna Nadolski, 
University Canada West graduate

Magdalen grounded my writ­ing in my own spirit and style, culling away that which could not be truly spo­ken using my unique voice. She is an instru­ment that res­onates effort­lessly with the truth and the heart and soul of the writ­ten and spo­ken word.

Rosie Kuhn, Ph.D., 
Author of Self Empowerment 101

She helped me get my vision un-stuck. Now I’m mak­ing it hap­pen. We should call her ‘Motivating Magdalen!

Barbara Toller, 
Director of Fund Development 
Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary

Magi’s wis­dom, guid­ance and refram­ing … allowed me to see choices on how I could be with my beliefs. She helped me to believe I am a writer and sup­ported me through a writ­ing project that I thought was doomed to fail­ure, turn­ing my project into a per­sonal and aca­d­e­mic suc­cess. Each ses­sion (with Magi) was another level of lib­er­a­tion (and) pro­vided a sen­si­tive and open envi­ron­ment of non-judgment, sup­port and com­pas­sion.

Lori Pinnell
, Life Coach & Yoga Instructor

Magi has helped me dis­cover me, iden­tify my beliefs and val­ues, visu­al­ize my dreams and unveil my path to life ful­fill­ment. A great lis­tener, a won­der­ful coach.

Betty Lam, 
Organizational Development & Learning
 Human Resources
University of British Columbia

Magdalen, as a First Reader, under­stands that I am my first audi­ence. Magdalen has the abil­ity to ascer­tain the gen­uine nature of my writ­ing and cut through to the real mean­ing and inten­tion of my work.

Wilda Schab, MA, 
General Manager, Radium Resort LP

Magdalen has helped me to ignite a flame in a dark room towards redis­cov­ery and fol­low­ing a bright, opti­mistic life jour­ney. I have com­plete con­fi­dence in Magi’s abil­ity, energy and pas­sion to help those to iden­tify and over­come life’s obstacles.

Stuart Mah, CMA, 
University of British Columbia

Magi is a sensitive and caring person, with deep intuition, acceptance and commitment toward her clients. Coming from a session with her, I always feel renewed and that I have a clearer sense of direction.

Kathleen S.

Magi is an amazing soul. The gift she offers on this planet is magical. In the first session Magi was able to see me. Know me. Hear me. And witness me. I felt safe and supported. Through my difficult journey I can confidently say I have hope. Hope that I will find joy and I know that Magi will be one of the lovely beings to support me as I carve my path there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tyra P.

Magi is a gifted counsellor. She connects with you at your level instantly. She quickly assesses what your needs are in that session. She insightfully reminds you of your purpose and presence. Based on this she assists you in finding ways to remember this and have it support and guide you. Thank you for your deep insight, wisdom and compassion.

Jen C.