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To use the power of our souls creatively in service to one another is the ultimate goal.

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How I Work

There are TWO ways for us to work together: physical & virtual. If you live in Vancouver, BC, then we can meet at Sage Integrated Health located at 315-2902 West Broadway for our 1:1 sessions.

I have an international clientele and love our audio sessions by phone using What’s App.

Simple & secure, it matters not where you live. You have immediate access to my services.

Intuitive Healer

Through several years and hundreds of people, I’ve discovered that even though I can headline my service under many banners there is, in essence, simply one thing I do for you. I help you discern thoroughly and skillfully what your life is teaching you through decoding and soothing your emotions. I bridge you into your own imagination by helping you navigate the e-motion that illuminates your inner path. With me, your pain can be transformed into a healing process that activates your Divine potential.

There is only one principle at work in the Mystery of life, one primal cause, one ultimate substance of all things — consciousness. It is our imagination that forms this substance into our life script. Thus we make our world through imagination.

E-motion carries us from one state of consciousness to another. The more aware we are of our inner experience, the more attuned we are to our inner being, and the more deliberate we script our life story.

You are a spectrum of consciousness.

Who you are matters to the whole of you and the whole of us.

Cast a new page in the ongoing saga of your self-awareness. Because your consciousness is the engine of the life story you live.

Artist Statement

With reverence, I am here to help.

As Healer, I am a frequency holder for y/our Greatness.

As Storyteller, I am devoted to animating words as vessels of light through Divine connection in sacred service to teaching us how to be fully human.



I was initiated into the art of healing through my own personal hardship. Storytelling is the channel through which I am inspired to transmute pain into passionate repair for myself and others.

My life has been fraught with twists and turns. I grew up in big-sky Saskatchewan where folks are generally big-kind. My innocence of the world outside my prairie home inspired a deep curiosity in me about different cultures and different ways of being which in turn cultivated a reflexive interest in discovering who I am and how I might serve humanity. That’s a big statement to make but life has had a way of inviting me to grow through painful events and venture beyond what I’ve known to be familiar.

I’ve travelled the world. Made home on the west coast of Canada. And I’m privileged to mother two beautiful sons. I continue to learn that when we allow ourselves to be guided by a Greater Power, we can be liberated from the past and overcome what seem like insurmountable challenges to discover our own soul’s wisdom.

I’ve learned there is no more destructive conclusion to come to than the belief that we are victims. Suffering is the result of attachment and following inner guidance is the only way to stay safe. The journey is home. But until we are educated to the essential nature of the process, we feel lost. The evolutionary soul today is about self-knowing. There’s nothing the mind believes that isn’t erroneous at a higher level of awareness. It’s through the inner channel of self-knowledge that we can learn to surrender to a greater depth of living. It takes courage. And courage is a spiritual virtue that we earn!

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