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When we become fully human,

we become one whole body

of light.

The ‘One’ breath.

When we join that ‘One’ breath

we become whole;

we become ‘at-one’.

The breath conjoins


at the midpoint

which is the heart,

called the noon of our being.

This is where the nous lies.

We are all aspects of life,

of ‘One’ being,

of ‘One’ whole.

All aspects of life

have to be overcome.

It is true that everything

in our physical structure

is composed, and will decompose.

But we can overcome this process.

~ The Gospel of Mary

How I Work

My clients have a direct line of communication with me — accessible every day through online booking and available to text when needed. The value of being able to talk to your therapist from the privacy of your own home after tucking the children in bed or during lunch break at the office or after weekend yoga class while resting on the beach or between scenes from the movie set or while travelling any place on the planet is priceless. We are makers of life. My mission is to be the loving space through which you can elevate yourself to do the work your life demands you do. It is a high calling. And a practical service. And having had the privilege to serve hundreds of people over the past two decades, I am highly skilled and richly trained.

The spirit underlying the relationship I have with people who work with me is one of deep friendship over time. For most folks come to me when they’re at a crossroads in their lives and require a companion to their soul. Psychotherapy literally translates to mean “soul care” and it is the essence of my service. I work in long traditions of wise mentors whose work continues to foster my own: Esther Harding, Marie-Louise von Franz, Marion Woodman and Thomas Moore.

I possess a unique set of skills. As an emotional intuitive, I’m able to tune into an individual and reveal what is blocked by fear. I employ an extensive comprehension of feminine and masculine energies in the human psyche, and I’m able to read the story that is living you. For every story you tell has been told before in the great narrative of humanity. And humanity is currently in transition. So we are called to manage the power of our own soul in service to this great change and it demands we embody the very stuff of which we are made — love!

There is something that I know of life and it is this: When we sincerely ask for support and guidance, it comes.  And if we are willing to listen for it, we recognize what is revealed and learn what it demands of us. It is for these moments, I feel like a midwife for humanity’s potential. And I am privileged to be called in to witness your story should you decide to work with me.

Who I Am

Born on the Canadian prairie, I am an artist and I love story! It is the way I tune into human experience — through the alchemy of storytelling.

I have navigated many storms in my life and as a result, I have learned what it means to be fully empowered, and it’s not anything like what I was taught to be as a woman. Now I am called to support others. Having travelled the places I’ve been within myself, I see the unmasked, real you. In the laboratory of my own life, I walk my talk. Transmuting the pain of my lived experience was the path back to my soul knowing. In courageous moments of inner communion, my learning emerged as service for humanity.

With reverence, I midwife human potential. 

As a storyteller, I work as a vehicle of light travelling inter-dimensionally to heal my ancestors and descendants. That which was created, and still exists in frequency today, can be accessed and transformed through the power of storytelling. I am faithful in my commitment to animate words as vessels of love-light in sacred service to teaching us how to be fully human.

Each of us must travel within to learn the divine authority of our own soul. And it is to this journey I am called to serve as soulful companion, healer and artist.

The human soul must be initiated and acclimated to positive development of creative power as the divinity within us proclaims harmony and unity. This is our birthright and our mission as human beings. It is to this mission I devote my life.

Who You Are

You are an eternal source of divine love on a grand adventure. Your true nature is holy, peaceful and joyous. Your freedom is hid within you. Your inner light illumines the way you travel.

As you face the collective belief systems of humanity on the path of your own life in the story that is living you, things can become stormy. But all storms are emotional in nature and you are fully equipped to navigate the weather for the purpose of learning. Maintaining stability in the face of challenge is always available to you. True selfhood is the result of overcoming fear, anchoring love, and moving to higher ground from within. It is human design and destiny to know how to do this.

In agreement to the divinity of your own soul, you can dissolve unconscious commitments to fear and align with love, which is true power. Reclaiming true power through your mighty I Am presence, you are protected by your own invincible nature. For your True Self is the ultimate refuge in the storm of change and every weather system is an opportunity for growth and expansion.

It is safe to be seen. It is safe to be heard. And YOU are the seer and the listener from within.

True power is not external. It is internal. This alone gives you the freedom you’ve been seeking all your life because nobody has anything you need to be empowered as you. You must learn to be guided by your own divinity. To this end, the highest practice is to learn who you are and listen to yourself.

Working Together

The task of therapy is clarity and the key is knowing.

Imagine you are fully equipped to withstand change and move through it effortlessly as the old falls away and the new shows itself. In the process, you learn the lessons it brings. This is how potential is birthed!

What most of us have yet to realize is that finding refuge in the storm is available right where we are in any given moment, and when we move into agreement with the True Self, the circumstances storming in our experience are altered as we take shelter in ease through our own soul’s knowing.

Our conversation is a sacred womb through which knowing is revealed and potential emerges. Working together, we become a tower of light and stability. Safety is the entire purpose of a lighthouse — it shows safe passage forward. As a traveller it’s important to know where you are and our work marks the spot to give you reference so you can ascertain where you are headed on the journey.

Emotions are the subtext of limited perception that stream into your emotional body.


I imagine myself an author of the impossible in service to the public humanities writing mystical autoethnography.

Using the laboratory of my own life as the crucible of individual and collective memory to tell story, allows me to detach from the illusions that are shaping and framing my current experience. Whatever I have lived has been imprinted on my psychic field and it will inform what I encounter today until I see the truth of it. Which is the whole point of my life! Because on this journey as storyteller, I have the power to transmute the lies and reclaim the truth. I lift myself through the writing of the text and the reader is lifted through the reading of the text. It is sublime storytelling alchemy — a powerful process of releasing misinformation, false perceptions and fearful agreements that are generating a life experience out of soulful balance. My claim in truth liberates me and all who are in the field with me. It is my healing artistic service during this time of reckoning when humanity is facing all of its creations. Telling the deep stories, I am called to transform the mythic structure of humanity and build living texts that are key stones of the new architecture for being divinely human.

When I finished writing Married to Love, I proceeded to write what I thought was its sequel. But the sequel turned into a prequel and now the two books have become one! So I’ve just completed the manuscript for Bride & Beloved: A Journey Through Marrying Others to Marry Myself and I’m currently working on True Feminism: Claiming Authority in Womanhood to Change Fundamental Reality.


Magdalen Bowyer’s remarkable Married to Love does what only a handful of memoirs and generalist works have done before: deliver a vivid account of one woman’s life journey as the basis for deep reflection about our universal condition. What does it mean—spiritually, emotionally, and practically—to live a woman’s life in our time? Time and again in the face of difficult life experiences Bowyer submits herself to the ethical task of identifying her own responsibility, as well as that of society at large, in calling these experiences to her. In so doing, she manages to answer the bigger question through the facts of her own life, transforming challenges and losses into hard-won affirmative lessons that carry her, and us, triumphantly through marriage, motherhood, and partnership into true selfhood. The process of self-examination as unfolded in this book is deeply illuminating, and we gladly take Bowyer’s lessons as our own. Think of Esther Harding’s timeless The Way of All Women told as one woman’s story. A rewarding and genuinely inspirational read.

~ Victoria Nelson, author of The Secret Life of Puppets


This brilliant book is not just a truly gripping tale of a woman’s epic life, but a deep revelation of the author’s inner journey to freedom – to the truth and power of her own soul. And Magdalen Bowyer writes it in such a refreshingly open and vulnerable way that my own feminine soul was liberated many times over alongside hers as I joined her through the pages. I devoured Three Marriages and am deeply enriched by it. With a wholehearted recommendation and desire for more future works from Magdalen.

~ Julie Lynn Mortensen, woman, actress and grateful reader

Translucent Journalling – Gift

Translucent Journalling is a potential map that illuminates how the writer’s pen can be a powerful tool of investigation and realization.

Out of the raw material of one’s own lived experience comes the potential to remember the true nature of all beings. Tapping into the wisdom and magnificence that is within each of us is the way to become a beacon of light for all of us. For there will be love and peace in the world of humankind when there is love and peace in the human mind. And the purpose of humanity is to restore every soul to its source. In unity, we are one with all life and fully human.

Writing to light the way is a tool that has helped me on my journey. This map is how I work with myself and with others. May you find it useful and uplifting as you walk the mire that is yours to traverse. In the light of self-enquiry, everything falls into place as you discover your life is a gift of love and a work of art.

May you walk in grace.

Translucent Journalling is my gift to you when you subscribe to my museletter.

Translucent Journalling
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