We are here to move ourselves and each other.

The movement begins within our own psyche.

We free ourselves from within ourselves.

The Patriarchy* is dead!

Rise up! Wise up!

Cease the sick and sad behaviours of competition, power plays, abusive anger, futile frustration, money hungry hangovers. This is not who we are!

It is time to embrace what we came here to do — love the world back to balance.

So, close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Rest within. Call forth the One Who Knows. S/he is you in a higher frequency. You are meant to contact Her through surrender of all the Patriarchal Bullshit — the stuff showing up in your emotional body as you walk the walk of your life.

With your invitation, S/he will become you. This is what it means to reclaim your life’s purpose to build beauty and play powerful in love and in light.

The Dark Feminine was learned by all of us. Our mission is in the unlearning.

You are an aspect of the Divine Creatrix in full manifestation. Magic is in you. It is your birthright. Claim it for the love of all.

Your awareness is all you have. It is the beginning, middle and end of your life experience. Build it!

In Truth & In Freedom,

Love Magi

*The Patriarchy is a system of power that has existed in Earth School for about 6,000 years generating violence and imbalance. Men and women have colluded in its creation. We are now living in the time of its dissolution. It is an artifact of a previously held point of view. And we meet it within ourselves. It is the internalized oppressor that we can no longer be in agreement with if we want to live the truth. And the truth is that we are living in a renaissance of love and beauty.

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