I just watched a program on PBS … “Me Too, Now What?” And it baffles me that human beings cannot see the proverbial writing on the wall.

The conversation needs to change.

It is not about men. It is not about women. It is about human beings and power.

And the what of the now is for each human being to realize s/he is an aspect of the Divine Creator. We CANNOT get anywhere in this dialogue until we once and for all remember who the heck we are. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And all the in-house fighting is driven by bad storytelling. Period.

I say bad storytelling because who we generally believe ourselves to be is based on lies that are deeply rooted in our experience. But all it takes to wake up to the lies is the willingness to feel the pain those lies generate.

Feeling the pain will immediately draw each human being inward and THAT’S where the real work is accomplished. But this will not make sense to you if you still believe the person, place or thing in the circumstance, situation or event is the problem and you have no power.

I’ve talked to many of you recently about issues that are showing up in your work places. And I keep reminding you that whatever you feel in response to whatever is going on — competition for approval, not being valued, feeling invisible — is YOUR GIFT. Because the frustration, overwhelment and rage is you generating your experience through your own level of consciousness … so … change it!

You have the opportunity to move the energy through feeling. The pain wants to bring you back home to yourself so you will source your approval, value and visibility from within and stop looking for it outside of yourself.

It is all about power. Every bit of it is about power. And until you empower yourself by aligning with your own soul, you are giving your power away by being too much in the world.

I once stayed in a home that had a needlepoint picture on the wall that read: “Sometimes I just need to go home and shut up.”

I laughed so hard the first time I saw it. It’s hilarious that most of us still don’t realize that there is nothing to fear or fight for in the world. We only need to close our eyes, clear our minds, go into our hearts and humble ourselves down into the truth — love is the essence of humanity and each of us will express it when we can source it for ourselves first.

Go home. Be quiet. Walk the inner journey back to love. And until you have something loving to say or to give or to share, stay silent. Start there.

In Love,


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