I have heard the tyrant in a wo/man a kazillion times. And it’s never an easy thing to witness. Oh how we are trained to beat ourselves up and push ourselves hard! But there is always that silent, quiet one in the interior of her that is doing rebellion in the only way that s/he can. And what feels like lack of progress is actually a source of protection. Because we need to be prevented from doing irreparable damage to ourselves.

Yes, you read that correctly. There is a force within us that will protect us even when we do battle against ourselves.

So, here are some useful things to understand.

Law is the creative medium of spirit. And all law is mind in action.

Your mind is a set of programs. You are a spiritual being who has a mind. Which means you have the power to train your own mind. But you first must come to know, through your own experience, just what programs are in your mind.

Patriarchy is a program. And to refresh your understanding of what it entails, here is my working definition: Patriarchy is a system of power that has existed in Earth School for about 6,000 years generating violence and imbalance. Men and women have colluded in its creation. We are now living in the time of its dissolution. It is an artifact of a previously held point of view. And we meet it within ourselves.

When you know the programs in your mind through the life you are living, you get to CHOOSE what to keep and what to delete.

Why is this important?

Your mind trains your nervous system — your biography becomes your biology. And your nervous system trains the law. The life your are experiencing is the law of mind in action wrapping itself around you and the programs you are running.

You can dismantle the program of patriarchy from your mind by activating your self-love.

Self-love is not about a day of pampering at the spa. It is about knowing who you belong to, the mission S/he has sent you on and the willingness to show up for the life you’ve been given.

Become a student of your own life. Self-knowledge is power. And you are here to be powerful.

In Love,


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