This museletter is in response to the question some of you are asking me these days. How do I do it?

And I’m going to be brutal. This is not what you want to hear. But hear it you must if you really want to grab hold of your life and move forward.

Stop looking for prescriptive advice. The answer to your question lives inside of you. And if you believe this to be the truth (it is) then you will change your question. How do I hear myself?

If you really understood the power you are then you’d stop giving it away to people, programs and procedures that promise the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

YOU are the rainbow! And there is no pot of gold. At least, not the pot of gold that you are expecting. What actually awaits you would quite literally blow your mind and all your circuitry if it were delivered to your doorstep right here, right now. Which brings me to my next point.

If you have a vision for your life, and you’re not living it yet, it is because you must grow yourself into being the person who can live that vision. NOW, you can ask: How do I do THAT?

Welcome to the advanced class. It’s called practice. But most of you overlook this part because you just want to get the pot of gold.

The Divine is everywhere but it needs me and it needs you to perceive it. If we’re not wired to see it yet, it only means we have thought forms and limiting beliefs that are clouding our perception. Herein lies the work. The only way to change the world if you want to change your world is to enter into your own perceptual view to do some housecleaning. Stop looking outside of yourself for the how of your life. Objective reality doesn’t exist!

Just ponder that for a moment.

In my humble opinion, what you need is a midwife as you labour in the process of releasing the pain of the past, learning who you are without fear and discovering what you are here to give in order to be a beneficial presence on this planet. The newborn babe doesn’t exist outside of your own womb. Midwives are also indispensable once the creative child arrives because you will need to learn how to take care of it.

Everything that you need, want or desire is already in your field. You are loaded and coded with your own life. Your job is to clear your perceptual lens so you can realize it.

How do I do it?

Embrace all that you’ve been given and kiss the ground you are standing upon. Look for the magic in your own life now. Learn how it speaks to you. Acknowledge it by taking action in the moment, in the hour, in the day as it guides you. Stay present to yourself. Stop looking at the world until you can see love everywhere.

And ask for the humility that is required that you might receive the real power that you are because until you can wield is wisely, you will not gain full access to it.

In Love & In Freedom,

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