You generate experience according to your consciousness. Water seeks its own level.

Consciousness means awareness.

Awareness of what?

Awareness of truth.

In a lesser sense, truth designates anything that is true. In a greater sense, truth is universal and reveals Reality.

The only way to get to Reality is to travel the journey within, and along the way, you’ll bump up against beliefs that you once thought were true. Your job is to investigate your consciousness. Learn the lies. Because fear is a liar. And a lie will act as law in your life until you nullify it with the truth.

When you’ve emptied yourself of all the fears in your awareness, you become a clear vessel of knowing.

What do you know?

The truth!

The nature of Reality is love, unity and peace.

Your work is to rearrange your thinking and take back your mind. Earth School is swimming in a sea of mental garbage. If you’re believing any of it then you’re not in touch with Reality.

If you feel fear then it is your responsibility to learn to discern if there is really something to be afraid of (i.e. there’s a wild animal about to eat you) or if you’re tuned into the Sea of Mental Garbage channel and you’re scaring yourself.

And just for the record, here are a few handmaidens to fear: judgment, jealousy, loathing, hate, vindictiveness, competition, comparison, criticism, condemnation, the need to control or dominate, the need to protect or hoard, wishing any being ill … all of it … and more … is based in fear.

How much truth is streaming through your awareness? How awake are you to the wonder that you exist at all? Do you realize and appreciate that there’s a force of life beating your heart, and it’s the same force beating every other heart on the planet, too?

If you live in a consciousness of fear, you will be afraid. You will see reasons to be afraid. You will have experience that proves you need to be afraid. But guess what? You are generating your own experience through your own consciousness.

Get out of yourself from within yourself and then you can get to the truth.

In the meantime, be quiet. Listen to the silence. Love, beauty & wisdom are calling you.

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