There are two kinds of people in the world: mothers and the children of mothers.

It’s a joy for me to witness many of you transitioning into motherhood. As one client wrote to me recently, “I am learning to mother.”

And that’s what our children do. They initiate us into the hood of mothering. It is a powerful privilege. And not to be taken lightly. Your child does not belong to you. S/he belongs to Life. And you will answer to Life for all aspects of your mothering.

For women who have been trained in a patriarchal culture of blame and shame, this can be tricky business. How do you show up as a responsible mom and not guilt yourself for things you may judge as having gone wrong with your child?

You love yourself enough to stop perpetuating patterns from the past that harm you. And your child will reveal those patterns to you. For s/he is a mirror reflecting back to you precisely who you are being in her presence.

A wo/man who cannot contain her own emotional body in order to transmute the frequencies that get activated in relationship to mothering her child, will not be able to contain her child in the ways needed to support, nurture and realize that child’s potential.

So I’m gonna say to you what Caroline Myss said to me when I asked her “how?” while I was learning medical intuition: “Just do your own inner work and the rest will take care of itself.”

In other words, the knowledge, power and guidance is already in you. So when you die to the lies you’ve been taught through patriarchal socialization about who you are and who your child is, then you will access all you require from within yourself.

And that will mean you meet your own young self, as daughter within you, to heal the dynamic with your own mother. This is mighty work. And work that you are called to. So support yourself in every way because you have the power to heal your ancestral lines by the way you choose to show up as mother.

There are two guiding principles I want you to know.

First, your child is perfect, whole and complete. It is your job to see the perfection. And I’m not talking about ego nonsense. I’m talking about seeing the perfection of their divinity. No one child is any more or less “special” than any other. We are all born equal — children of a Common Mother. Every human being has a right to exist by virtue of the fact that they are here. And we don’t come to Earth School to conform. We arrive to evolve. Which means we have a right to express whatever gifts are loaded and coded in our soul. And if that makes some feel uncomfortable, then so be it. Change is rarely comfortable.

Second, you are wired to know what your child requires which means you have authority. Claim it. Don’t let anyone power over what you know about your child. Hear yourself. Trust yourself. Express what you know in service to your child. Period.

These principles stand true no matter how your child has come to you.

Mothering is a gender-free frequency born of wo/men. To mother is a Sacred Act. To mother is to be an open channel for love and all things loving. It demands Holy-Wholly strength and wisdom in a world that’s forgotten the Value of Mother. This wisdom extends beyond to our relationship with beloved Mother Earth and the cosmic reality of who we are as humans. To restore universal balance we must remember the nature of our Nature. We walk on Sacred Ground.

Your relationship with your child reveals participation in Divine Love. Mothering is a purification process. Y/our job is to grow yourself up through the experience.

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