As an autoethnographer — one who uses emotional recall and introspection to access the multiple voices within my psyche which themselves are products of social forces and roles — I experience two empowered energy streams flowing forth from my inner encounters.

The first is investigative research as my own psychic field presents itself to me through dreamwork. It wakes me up in the middle of the night and in the early morning hours. It finds me with a pen in my hand, eager to scratch down what is speaking to me on the pages of my journal next to my bed.

The second unfolds in composition mode when I sit at my desk and work as a writer. As I write scenes and intuit the meaning of my dreams, I hear the truth of my soul and reveal myself to myself. Then I am able to apply this new knowledge to my craft as a storyteller. It is my art. And it is also my life-line untethering me from history and empowering the woman I am to become.

Every woman must have a way and the means to know herself so she may become herself. Otherwise she is lost in the roles patriarchy would have her play.

Every woman is more than the identity she depends on to define her belonging in her family, her community and her world.

And every woman will eventually come home to herself by realizing the truth in her soul that is wanting to live in full expression.

The only question is how long will it take?

Never hesitate to learn to trust the inner workings of your own being.

YOU are the answer to whatever problems have a hold on your attention. It is your job to uncover the gift within the so-called problem and through it, advance your life.

Know yourself. Accept yourself. Become the creatrix you are meant to be — a woman who is deeply connected with the Feminine Source of all creative power.

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