The misery of humanity no longer confounds me because I see it as the cosmic play of divine forces activated and orchestrated by a powerful intelligence beyond what my mind can currently comprehend. I am of the dance. I question not why. I simply accept that this is what it is for now. How can it be otherwise? I am here! So I keep tuning into the love that is always present. And I summon you to practice the same. For life will continuously demonstrate without fail that goodness flows from within and surrounds even the toughest of situations.

A new day is dawning upon us now. The way to navigate is to align with change. Align with change. See it as opportunity.

Much of what many are experiencing now is the release of the old. It no longer serves us personally or collectively. As we release the old, we encounter fear because the detritus of human history and collective patterning has been fearful. But make no mistake. Fear is dissolving in the wave of love-light that is washing through humanity. Let it come!

Does it pose challenge?

Indeed it does. But remember this: the power in us is greater than anything we are facing and we are here to remember how to use this power. It is the star within our own heart, the love-light of our own being capable of healing, blessing, and transforming consciousness.

I have witnessed first hand that the most difficult thing about releasing fear for most people is releasing our reliance upon it. It seems counter-intuitive but it’s true. Human beings are in the habit of using fear to protect ourselves. Isn’t that just crazy? A part of us believes if we stay in fear then we’ll be safe hence the human propensity to greed, wrath, envy, and sloth (just to name a few of the habits in the human psyche). So what’s really challenging is allowing ourselves to experience nothing to fear.

What if there is nothing to fear and plenty of love in every encounter because we bring it?

Look for the gift in every experience and you will find it, but it will undoubtedly demand you align with change, release fear, and trust the highest and best is unfolding even when you cannot understand it in the moment.

And here’s something that will help you to navigate wisely: When fear rises, that is, you FEEL fear in your body, you are actually moving beyond it.

Isn’t that great to know?!

When fear rises, you are moving beyond it.

So your only job is to let fear leave your experience. Then the way within clears so you can hold more life. New life!

Be willing to learn and let go because much of what we have the tendency to cling to isn’t good for us anyway. We just don’t realize it yet. And I’ve always said that I never know how bad things are until they get better and now is the time to let things get better.

This is how life works, folks, and we either move with the wave of love-light or we move against it. It’s really this simple. And as humanity is lifted into a new order of being that includes love, peace, and harmony for all, we will see much of what is built on fear dismantled. Do not be afraid. Bless what comes as great opportunity. And hold steady, be in balance. The true self within you knows who s/he is and for what purpose s/he comes. Listen deeply, love well, and welcome it all. Nothing has ever gone wrong. It’s only humanity’s opportunity to learn.

Where the star shines by the will and through the love
of earthly men and women,
the effect over chaos and disorder, war,
and all the evils in the world can be truly magical.
~ White Eagle

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