Allow me to take a moment here to thank you all, readers and clients, for who you are and what you bring to life in general, and to my life in particular. I get to witness your wisdom in the midst of great challenge and rising potential. Transformation and birthing new consciousness is work! And we learn so much together. The power in us is always greater than anything we are facing, and what a wonder it is to experience this truth with you.

Thank you to those I’ve known and worked with for many, many moons. Thank you for trusting your friends and family to me through your referrals. And thank you to all new clients who have braved opening the door into this work … welcome! It’s always a pleasure to be invited to walk alongside you for awhile on your journey.

I want you to know we are a wonderful community of human beings. I have the distinct privilege of seeing the grand sum of all our parts and what mighty creators we are! Never underestimate what we’re up to as a community and never imagine you are alone. I’ve always imagined that one day I might be in a room with ALL of us together. What a riot of inspiration and creativity this would be! As the years roll by the room is expanding, and getting brighter and lighter, and oh we are blessed to be!

So here’s to a New Year and seeing ourselves in love, in light, and in deep appreciation for who we have been and what we can become. Everything is possible for there is no end to the power of the human spirit!

When you possess light within, you see it externally.
~ Anais Nin ~
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