Translucent Journalling

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Translucent Journalling is a potential map that illuminates how the writer’s pen can be a powerful tool of investigation and realization.
Out of the raw material of one’s own lived experience comes the potential to remember the true nature of all beings. Tapping into the wisdom and magnificence that is within each of us is the way to become a beacon of light for all of us. For there will be love and peace in the world of humankind when there is love and peace in the human mind. And the purpose of humanity is to restore every soul to its source. In unity, we are one with all life and fully human.

Writing to light the way is a tool that has helped me on my journey. This map is how I work with myself and with others. May you find it useful and uplifting as you walk the mire that is yours to traverse. In the light of self-enquiry, everything falls into place as you discover your life is a gift of love and a work of art.

May you walk in grace.

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1 review for Translucent Journalling

  1. Denise Beck-Clark

    This thirteen-page tract expresses the passionate beliefs of its author, Magdalene Bowyer, regarding our spiritual nature and purpose as humans and how it relates to writing in the form of journalling. In direct and clear language she tells us that we are here on Earth to learn about ourselves and what we have been given life to do. A prime way to do this is to go deep within ourselves by daily journalling. There’s a lot in the author’s beliefs that can be comforting to someone in emotional pain. For example, she says, “Lastly, there is never any pain ‘out there’ in the world that isn’t first ‘in here.’ The fires of our own wrath must be refined and transmuted from within. And we have the right to know ourselves beyond humanity’s painful history.” This quote especially appeals to me because of the acknowledgement of the history of our ancestors and how there is hope for our and future lives to transcend it.

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