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When we become fully human,

we become one whole body

of light.

The ‘One’ breath.

When we join that ‘One’ breath

we become whole;

we become ‘at-one’.

The breath conjoins


at the midpoint

which is the heart,

called the noon of our being.

This is where the nous lies.

We are all aspects of life,

of ‘One’ being,

of ‘One’ whole.

All aspects of life

have to be overcome.

It is true that everything

in our physical structure

is composed, and will decompose.

But we can overcome this process.

~ The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

How I Work

My clients have a direct line of communication with me — accessible every day through online booking and available to text when needed. I am only ever a keystroke away. I believe the value for a wo/man to be able to talk to her therapist from the privacy of her own home after tucking the children in bed or during her lunch break while at the office or after her weekend yoga class while resting on the beach or between scenes from the movie set or while travelling any place on the planet is priceless. Wo/men are makers of life. And my mission is to be the loving space through which you can elevate yourself to do the work your life demands you do. It is a High Calling. And a practical service.

I work as an Emotional Intuitive which means I am able to intuit your experienced reality by decoding your emotions. Emotions are the subtext of limited perception that stream into your emotional body.  And having had the privilege to serve hundreds of wo/men over the past dozen years, I am highly skilled and richly trained.

Ultimately the aim is freedom from the content of the consciousness you were born into and that’s emotional work. Repressed, suppressed or even expressed emotion has zero transformational value. You MUST develop attentiveness and awareness to become a dynamic witness to the energy that moves through you in order to transmute it into truth. It is the work of the world and it happens within the individual. Because emotional violence is the precursor to any and all physical violence.

The creative urge in us to say “I Am” is more than the desire to write, act, speak, serve, grow, dance, sing, paint, invent … it is a Power using us as an instrument for Its own activity. Our self-awareness is Its Self-Awareness. S/he is the Divinity of our true nature. To realize this indivisible wholeness at the centre of your own life is to understand you are the Divine Feminine embodiment of sovereign creative power.

Until we are working with this level of Knowing in our lives, we are only dabbling in a self-help culture that believes we need to fix something that is broken and it is not!

Wo/men are not designed to be slaves to lovers, children or society. We are free beings here to co-create as life designers in truth, in love and in freedom. And a self-aware wo/man under-expressed is a great loss to humanity.

If you feel drawn to work with me, trust your desire. And I’ll thank you in advance for welcoming me as your counsellor, mentor and friend on your valorous journey of soulful unfoldment.

Who I Am

Born on the Canadian prairie, I am an artist, and I love story! It is the way I’m tuned into human experience — the alchemy of bringing forth the Word into manifestation through storytelling. So whether I am counselling, coaching or writing, story is the crucible of communication.

Through a lifetime of learning to love and trust myself, I am devoted to empowering wo/men to claim the truth of our existence  — we are wisdom, power, and love in action. Having travelled the places I’ve been within myself, I see the unmasked, real you. In the laboratory of my own life, I walk my talk. Transmuting the pain of my own lived experience has become the Divine Path back to my Knowing. In courageous moments of inner communion, my learning emerges as teaching for others. 

With reverence, I midwife human potential. 

As Intuitive Healer, I am a frequency holder for y/our Greatness.

As Storyteller, I work as a vehicle of light travelling inter-dimensionally to heal my ancestors, and descendants. That which was created, and still exists in frequency today, can be accessed and transformed through the power of storytelling. I am faithful in my commitment to animate words as vessels of love-light in sacred service to teaching us how to be fully human.

Each of us must travel within to learn the Divine Authority of our own soul. And it is this journey that I am called to serve as soulful companion, healer, and artist.

The human soul must be initiated, and trained to positive development of creative power because the life within us proclaims harmony and unity. This is our birthright, and our mission as human beings. It is to this mission that I devote my life.

Who You Are

You are the eternal source of Divine Love. Your true nature is holy, peaceful and joyous. Your freedom is hid within you. Your inner light illumines the way to it. And this is your lifetime to shine.

As you face the collective belief systems of humanity on the path of your own life, you are equipped to rewrite the story you live as directed by your Higher Self. With access to the Divinity of your own soul, you dissolve unconscious commitments to fear. Reclaiming your personal power through your Mighty I Am Presence, you are protected by your own invincible nature. You are meant to experience aliveness, vitality and wholeness.

It is safe to be seen. It is safe to be heard. And YOU are the seer and the listener from within.

The only Goddess you will ever know is the one who dwells within you. S/he is at the very centre of your life. Endeavour to let this truth operate through you. Power is not external. It is internal. This alone gives you the freedom you’ve been seeking all your life because nobody has anything you need to be fully empowered as you. Be guided by your own Divinity. The Highest Practice is to know who you are and to listen to yourself.

How We Serve

There is a new story to write, a new song to sing, a new picture to paint through the frequency of our own true nature in the name of love for all beings. The Queendom of God is the presence of the Divine in all creation. It is here now. And may only be known by the one who knows who s/he is. May we rest in the sanctuary of our shared Divinity and let Her express through us to create a new humanity.

Emotions are the subtext of limited perception that stream into your emotional body.


The process of writing is one way I align with truth. Using the laboratory of my own life as the crucible of individual and collective memory to tell story, allows me to detach from the illusions that are shaping and framing my current experience. Whatever I have lived has been imprinted on my psychic field and it will inform what I encounter today until I see the truth of it. Which is the whole point of my life! Because on this journey as storyteller, I have the power to transmute the lies and reclaim the truth. I lift myself through the writing of the text and the reader is lifted through the reading of the text. It is alchemy of the Highest Order — a powerful process of releasing misinformation, false perceptions and fearful agreements that are generating a life experience out of alignment with truth. My claim in truth liberates me and all who are in the field with me. It is my Healing Artistic Service during this time when humanity is facing all of its creations. Telling the deep stories, I am called to transform the mythic structure of humanity and build living texts that are key stones of the new architecture for being divinely human.

I just finished writing Married to Love: from fantasy to freedom which is the sequel to my first book Three Marriages: lies I’ve lived by. And the next book has announced itself so it appears I have a trilogy. I’m currently writing Marrying MySelf: the story writes me.

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Three MarriagesThis is a memoir, the story of a woman’s wayward search for love, in which a widow, traumatized by the death of her young husband, risks her life and the lives of her sons when she ignores the wisdom of her own soul. Her troubled odyssey leads her to the Middle East, a Sharia court and ultimately, into the bed of an influential Arab. What she learns about the human condition, and the illusions we live by, will awaken that which lies dormant in most women—a sense of the untapped power and privilege of what it means to be female.


Love IsFor centuries, poets, mystics and troubadours have sought an answer to the question “what is this thing called love?” Where does it spring from? What is the source of love’s power to burnish the human heart, or to break it? How to find love, nurture it, sustain it? Drawing from both her personal life and her life’s work, the author and her illustrator have co-created a story that, for all its apparent simplicity and whimsy, comes to a bold conclusion.


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